Privacy Policy

Last updated: Apr 14th, 2020

Presentify is a macOS menu bar app brought to you by Compzets.com and developed by Ram Patra. You can contact them on their social media accounts or through the support link mentioned at the bottom.

What data is being collected?

Currently, Presentify does not collect any user data. If in the future it needs to collect some user data to properly function then this privacy policy would be updated, and the same would also reflect on the app. Having said that, it is highly unlikely this app would need user data to function.

Will any third parties collect data?

Presentify does not use or rely on any third parties.

What are my rights as a user?

If Presentify were to ever collect user data then you can:

  • enquire what data is being collected
  • question why the app needs to collect data
  • ask what does the app do with the data
  • request your data that is being collected
  • request to delete your data
As of today, Presentify does not collect any data so you should be good.
How do I get Privacy Policy updates?

If there is an update to the Privacy Policy then this page would be updated. Additionally, the Mac App Store page and the app would be updated with the necessary information.

Effective date of this Privacy Policy

The `Last updated` date mentioned at the top of this page is when this Privacy Policy becomes/became effective.